The most merciful thing in the world is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
H. P. Lovecraft closed - An epitah

This site is now more than 20 years old. On the internet this is an era, so time for a change. I was active on the internet since 1992 and have run websites since 1997. The current layout (with some minor modifications) and use of this domain name however started in 2002. The word 'blog' was not yet common, so I referred to this site as a journal.

Girona, picture from our holiday

In the beginning of 2000 I had quite a lot of visitors and some useful information here. Popular were the posts on breaking audio captchas, my graduation and my notes on tangosteps. For tango there are excellent clips on youtube, but when this site started youtube didn't even exist! Another popular post was on how to remove flash from firefox. Now in 2018 flash is finally dying (but only a little), so some things need even longer than an internet era!

What is the alternative? For technical issues sites like Stackoverflow and Github are very useful because of moderation and because google ranks these sites high. So I will continue to post results of my tinkering with technical stuff over there. For personal content meet me at Facebook or LinkedIn.

One of the nice features of the web is that it does not forget so easily. I intent to keep this site running in the current form. I did remove the navigation but kept all content for historic reasons.

For now thanks for visiting and meet you in another (virtual) place!

Posted by jochem on 2012-06-03, last update on 2013-08-12